Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

It doesn't take an exceptionally perceptive mind to discern the sheer speed the world has advanced, propelled forward by the rapid change in technology. People are now better and more instantaneously connected despite geographical barriers, as information, big data and conversations can be transmitted everywhere with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology.

Such a game-changing opportunity is not one that Hong Kong, a true cosmopolitan where world cultures co-exist in relative harmony, will want to let slip out of her hands. It is therefore as much our responsibility as it is our honour, over the years, to have built the best-possible telecommunications, utilities and public infrastructure for our clients, to deliver their services in a safe, timely and efficient manner for the enjoyment of our community and the improvement of daily lives. For all that we do, our guiding principle is simple: to build a better tomorrow.

For as long as I and my forebears can remember, we have constantly been striving to work with the right partners and subcontractors to further enhance our capabilities, competencies, knowledge, and efficiency. But not for a moment did we ever forget the equal importance of continuous investments in our organisation, from the superb maintenance of engineering facilities to our utmost care for our people, to ensure that our backbone is sufficiently robust and agile to support our growth and vision.

Moving forward, we will ride on our core competencies and expand to new sectors and new geographical areas, including mainland China, and the plethora of infrastructural projects outlined in the "One Belt One Road" initiative. Our forthcoming partnerships with renowned investors and enterprises, I believe, will serve more organisations, people and communities in this journey, and we would be most delighted to have you with us. Allow me to express our wholehearted gratitude for your unwavering support, which is indispensable in our building of a brighter future for us all!

Gary S.C. Chan
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Gary S.C. Chan