History & Milestones

History & Milestones

As one of the major players in the industry, our history is naturally intertwined with and chronicled by the telecommunications and technology developments in Hong Kong. In the time it took the major operators to grow exponentially to deliver life-changing telecommunication services, it has been our immense honour to have worked with them in the exciting course of supporting the developments of the city.


Village Telephone Limited was granted Unified Carrier Licence.


Partnered with other telecommunications service providers to provide fibre-to-the-home high speed broadband internet access and OTT services for the residents in the villages.


Established Top Express Infrastructure (Village) Limited to invest in the construction of optical fibre network for over 600 villages in the New Territories.


Established a building and construction section for governmental civil contract work.


Obtained the Transmission & Distribution Trenching Contract from The Hongkong Electric for cable-laying and maintenance for power cables 22KV or below in Eastern District of Hong Kong Island.


Became the contractor of The Hong Kong and China Gas Company (Towngas) for the laying MPE ducts.


Became the contractor of Huawei Technologies, one of the largest producers of telecommunications equipment in the world, for the installation and evaluation of telecommunications equipment.


Re-ramped optical fibre cable network for Hong Kong International Airport.


Designed and built in-building telecommunications systems in private residential and commercial buildings under agreements with developers and/or Incorporated Owners, allowing occupiers to choose their own telecommunications services provider.


Further expansion of the optical fibre in-building structure cabling, broadband, voice service, and maintenance functions, providing a 'one stop shop' service to our clients.


Commenced implementation of the ISO9000 Quality Assurance System.


Awarded with the underground duct network construction contracts for Hutchison Global Communications and New World Telecommunications, with the expansion of Hutchison’s network at 50km per month.


Built underground network for Cable TV Hong Kong with the speed of 30km per month, covering most populated areas within two years.


Became the sub-contractor of The Hong Kong Telephone Company Limited for trenching and duct-laying.


Top Express Enterprise Group was established and started businesses.