Utility Services

Utilities Services

Since 2009, we have been the contractor of HK Electric in the construction and maintenance of trenching cable laying and contractual works in the areas of Hong Kong, Ap Lei Chau, Lamma Island and other outlying islands. Our extensive experience in building power underground infrastructure has made us the CLP Group’s trusted partner to lay the power cable trenching from 2007 to 2011.

Since our appointment as the contractor to provide underground MPE pipe installation and connection services for Towngas, we have completed pipelines more than 17km in length. Our aim is to support Towngas in its provision of safe and efficient gas services to households and commercial buildings.

Our industry-leading, high level of technical know-how and executional skills owe a great deal to our continuous investment in labour training, while the efficiency and quality of work is simultaneously enhanced through allocation of resources in both manpower and equipment.

Utilities Services
Village Telephone Limited

Village Telephone Limited is an UCL(Unified Carrier Licence) licencee since 2017. It is one of the major telecommunications operators in Hong Kong providing high speed broadband services to designated villages. As our name implies, we focus our business in all villages in Hong Kong, with a mission to serve rural village residents with modernised and high-quality telecommunications services, through the construction of optical fibre infrastructure.

Scope of business:

  • Collaboration with other telecommunications operators such as Hong Kong Broadband Network, HGC Global Communications, i-CABLE, SmarTone in the provision of broadband Internet access and OTT services to residents in the villages.
  • Provision of optical fibre backhaul to international carriers for submarine/terrestrial cable landing.
  • Provision of optical fibre backhaul to mobile network operators for cell-site installation.
  • Cooperation with Top Express Enterprise Group subsidiaries to provide one-stop shop services for telecommunications operators.
Village Telephone Limited
Railway Solutions

The strategic partnerships with railway experts have enabled us to provide one-stop railway solutions to operations in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia Pacific region.

Scope of Services:

  • Project Management
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning
  • Safety and System Assurance
  • Training
  • Secondment and Specialist Advisory
Railway Solutions